Friday, November 10, 2023


 Original post 1 February 2019; updated 8 August, 2022; 10 November 2023.

Guide to this blog: I created one in 2016 and covered the ~260 posts up to that time: see the link in the blog's sidebar under "Contributors." Since then, an additional thirty or more posts have mainly offered suggestions for classroom use based on both published and online sources, the latter including the blogs The Avid Listener, Musicology NowOUP Blog, and the 
Library of Congress's blog "In the Muse."


As of August 2022, I began work on updating the blog. After a hiatus, I am picking that up again in November 2023, fixing links where I can in previous posts (starting with the most recent ones and working back), adding information where relevant, and writing a few new posts similar to the ones mentioned under the "Guide" description above.