Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Changes in posts requiring some music theory knowledge

 I have removed content from posts that require reading music notation plus some knowledge of music theory. These were indulgences of mine, in part because I admire the work of authors cited in those posts. The problem is that music notation plus music theory contradicts the priorities of the pedagogy in Hearing the Movies: to develop critical viewing and listening skills for a general undergraduate audience. 

Quoting from the book's Preface:

Students can get full benefit from the book without the ability to read music notation (the authors have taught courses based on this material to general undergraduate audiences successfully for more than ten years), but some musical examples have been included to enhance understanding for those who can read them.

The content of these posts has been moved to a file published on the Texas ScholarWorks platform: Film Music: Some Posts from Blogs. Here is the abstract:

This file (1) gathers posts on music theory, especially harmony and musical topics, from our blog Hearing the Movies, (2) likewise gathers some posts on film music from my blog Ascending Cadence Gesture in Tonal Music, and (3) adds a few notes and additional information.