Sunday, July 31, 2016

Guide to the blog available

I have put together a Guide to this blog, which now has more than 260 posts going back to February 2009. Tags are even greater in number. This document offers a topical guide, including live links. You can find it here: Guide. Update 12-06-22: For reasons unknown, I am able to open this link in Chrome but not in Safari. If you're also having trouble with that, apologies.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Posts relating to pedagogy, with collation to the textbook, second edition
Part 2: Topical List of All Other Posts
    Film Production and Presentation
Music Catalogues and Handbooks/Guides
Music and Musicians
Music and Effects: Advice and Opinion
Composer Articles and Interviews
Sound Effects
Film Futures
Part 3: Alphabetical List of All Posts by Title
Part 4: Chronological List of Posts on Early Cinema, with Introductory Texts
Part 5: Topical List of Tags
Film titles
Actors and Performers
Directors, Producers, and Studios      
Genres, Styles, and Eras
Film and Film Music Terms
Film Production and Exhibition: general      
Film Production and Exhibition: Equipment                  
Film Exhibition: Illustrated Song
Composers and Composition
Music Publication, including manuals and catalogues
Columnists, Article Authors, Textbook Authors, and Scholars  along with some titles
Hearing the Movies pedagogy
Places, including Cities and Theaters
Site Administration and Unclassified
Part 6: Alphabetical List of Tags
Appendix: Documents for Erno Rapee’s Encyclopedia referenced in this HtM blog post: Rapee