Friday, June 4, 2010

UCLA silent animated films

The following is reproduced from this week's edition of The Scout Report (June 4, 2010; Volume 16, Number 22).

UCLA Preserved Silent Animation [Flash Player]

UCLA's film and television archive of animated silent films from the pre-
1930s is relatively small, but considering the rarity of any silent films,
it is still an impressive collection. Some of the films offered up on this
website include "Felix the Cat", the "Inkwell Imps", and "Aesop's Film
Fables". Visitors are lucky enough to be able to view online or download 11
animated films from the library's collection. While watching the films,
visitors can listen to the preservation commentary, or listened to the music
for each film composed by Michael D. Mortilla, who has played music for
silent films for the Silent Society. Visitors can learn more about Michael
D. Mortilla by reading the "About the Music" link. There are also film
notes and an historical overview that visitors can read for each film.
Researchers or interested parties will find a 15-page study guide of films
and works about silent films available as a PDF. This helpful document is
conveniently located at the bottom of the homepage. [author: KMG = Max Grinnell]

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