Sunday, April 4, 2010

Gaumont Sound films

Below are some "phonescènes" that have been posted to YouTube. These are synchronized sound films directed by Alice Guy for the Gaumont Chronophone, and all of the ones below happen to have been made in 1905. All of these are also included on the Gaumont Treasures, 1897-1913. Here is the IMDB link to a list of Chronophones.

This first one is actually not on the IMDB list (but is included in the Gaumont Treasures): Polin performs L'anatomie du conscrit (The Anatomy of a Draftee).

Félix Mayol performs La Polka des Trottins.

Armand Dranem performs Five O'Clock Tea.

Armand Dranem performs Le Vrai Jiu-Jitsu.

The Gaumont collection also includes Félix Mayol in both Questions indiscrètes and Lilas-Blanc.