Saturday, October 3, 2009

Glossary terms in Chion, Film, A Sound Art

I have compiled a list of all the glossary terms in Michel Chion, Film, A Sound Art, tr. Claudia Gorbman (Columbia University Press, 2009). Here is the link: Glossary terms.

I had previously posted a detailed table of contents (with chapter subheads and sub-subheads) here: Detailed TOC. The book incorporates, and greatly expands on, material previously published in Audio-Vision and The Voice in the Cinema.

One example of the acuteness of Chion's audio-visual observation and critique: "A visible no that is hastily made over with an audible yes: this can also be taken as a metaphor for sound film." (178) This is in connection with a post-production dialogue change in Blade Runner. From this Chion derives the following: ". . . we can't be sure that what we hear is not something other than what we see being articulated. Is there not a suspicion of dubbing behind every sound and speaking image in the cinema?" He rejects the generally accepted notion of redundancy (one of the glossary terms, btw).