Saturday, September 26, 2009

Quiz 7 alternatives

I have uploaded two alternates to Quiz 7 from the Quiz bank used during the summer 2009 class. These can be found on the Supporting Materials page, under the heading "Materials related directly to the book." Quiz 7 asks students to analyze a film scene and produce commentary about "interesting" points. After a semester in which they are regularly asked during class sessions to analyze film clips for their sound, such open-ended instructions are enough.

The two alternatives are more specific, asking students to describe details of the sound track and then answer a question about diegetic/nondiegetic or empathetic/neutral/anempathetic functions. For the first, a scene from Possession is the focus; for the second, one near the end of Catch Me If You Can.

In the past, I have also combined these two as a unit-end or semester-end exam.