Thursday, May 21, 2009

Market for Photoplay Music

An overabundance of photoplay music? That's what George Beynon claimed in 1918—though he is no fan of the genre, preferring, as he does, the "classics" whenever possible.

A reader writes to him:
I have composed some special music that I think could be cued in on most pictures, and would like to know where I can find a good arranger to make orchestrations. Do you know of any? Is there any demand for such music and would a publisher be interested in buying such compositions?

Beynon replies:
Already the market is flooded with such stuff, but if it be of exceptional merit and suitable for arranging in album form, it would have a chance of a publisher's acceptance. However, we would advise you that it is a hard row to hoe and, at the best, would bring but small remuneration for your creative ability and hard work.

I find particularly interesting in Beynon's reply the stress he places on the music conforming to the proper format.

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