Friday, February 1, 2019

Administrative; third edition

Updated 28 March, 2020.

The first post to the Hearing the Movies blog was ten years ago, in February 2009. The first edition of the textbook became available a month later, in March 2009. The second edition was published in 2015. There is no firm schedule yet for a third edition, but we do know what the priorities will be. The main point is that it will not be a major revision, as the second was, when we changed the presentation to a largely chronological one. Instead, we will focus on streamlining the presentation in a few places and on adding more material about international (that is, non-Hollywood) repertoires and production practices, television, music video, and video games.

Guide to this blog: I created one in 2016 and covered the ~260 posts up to that time: see the link in the sidebar under "Contributors." Since then, an additional thirty posts have mainly offered suggestions for classroom use based on both published and online sources, the latter including the blogs The Avid Listener, Musicology Now, and OUP Blog.